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Welcome to our online registration and thank you for your interest in Phenom America Basketball Camps!

Phenom Basketball Camps strives to do differently, to do better, in every single aspect of its enterprise.

The goal of the organization is two-fold:

- First, to provide quality basketball instruction and education to as many junior athletes and athletic families as possible. 

- Second, we aim to provide quality education and guidance to our coaches, players, and parents in the form of online, content-based videos, publications, workshops, seminars, reviews, assessments, etcetera, with the express purpose of increasing understanding of how to do things the right way.  

Simply stated, we want to bring as much product to the table—to provide as much value for you as we can—while fostering an environment of honesty and integrity, passion and enthusiasm, with strong values and a familiar feel.

Jr Phenom (Middle School)

Phenom 150 (High School)

"Where Players Become Known"


Payment Schedule- Camp Fees are Non-Refundable

It is the responsibility of each Phenom Parent or guardian to have their participants payments into the Phenom Basketball Office (either by mail or online) by the following deadlines:

  • $199+ (additional camp ADD-ONS) per participant, non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. To keep registration active, all remaining balances must be paid by the following deadlines.
  • $173.00camp fee is due by March 1.
  • $173.00camp full balance is due by June 30.

Postmark will decide on-time payments for mailed checks and date stamp for online payments will determine on-time payments.  In all cases the payment must be in the Phenom Basketball office by specified date. 

The March 1 payment deadline is strictly enforced and any late payment will release your spot in the camp with absolutely no refund. 

To provide for a successful camp all these measures must be taken into consideration. Thank you for your cooperation.


If You Require Further Information Please Refer To Our Website at